Al Otaiba Investments

Al Otaiba Investments is an international investment firm founded by Abeer Shoukry-Al Otaiba in 2020. Since its launch, the financial institution has sought to invest in people and ideas that drive solutions for a better tomorrow.

Al Otaiba Investments

Investing In Ideas That Impact Our World

Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, Al Otaiba Investments holds offices in both Washington, DC and Abu Dhabi. The firm was created to support visionaries and executives in their efforts to drive impact, growth, and sustainability worldwide. Although Al Otaiba Investments assists clients across an array of industries, its primary focus is in real estate and sustainability.

“Investing in meaningful projects across a diverse set of industries and regions is not only a prerequisite for Al Otaiba Investments, but a mindset.”


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Leading to Inspire Worldwide Change

Driving the firm’s mission to invest in impactful ideas is Abeer Al Otaiba, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Abeer employs her engineering and entrepreneurial background to assist in further developing innovative opportunities in frequently overlooked regions. Amr Shoukry, Vice President of Business Development, utilizes his decades of executive practice in government partnerships, business consulting and international trade to manage the firm’s initiatives and growth. Between the two executives, Al Otaiba Investments boasts over 20 years of experience within various sectors — helping the firm deliver exceptional guidance and through its client relationships.

“We were honored to be chosen as part of the global consortium to develop the Historical Tahrir Complex. We believe the development and repurposing of the complex will enrich the history of all involved stakeholders and are confident that our vast expertise will attract additional investment in Egypt.”


Philosophy and Investments

Inspired by the innovators of tomorrow, Al Otaiba Investments promotes worldwide solutions through thoughtful and strategic investments. Learn more about the philosophies driving the organization and its burgeoning portfolio by visiting the firm’s official website.

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